Burton attends national task force summit

Written by emallers on May 12th, 2017

State Rep. Woody Burton recently attended a legislative task force summit in North Carolina, where he collaborated with other state lawmakers on policies concerning commerce and economic development.

Burton was recently selected to serve as the public sector co-chair for the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Task Force on Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development. At the summit, Burton met with public servants and business leaders from across the country to discuss relevant policy considerations facing states.

“There are great pro-growth policies being enacted in states nationwide,” Burton said. “Conferences like this allow legislators from different backgrounds and different areas of the country to come together and brainstorm on how to best serve our constituents. Over the course of a few days, we had many meaningful conversations and in-depth discussions on how we can continue to build our business communities and drive economic development in not only Indiana, but in every state.”

In the coming months, Burton will lead task force meetings focused on fuel economy in the trucking industry, various banking and commerce issues, and specific insurance matters.

Burton said his conference attendance was not paid for by Indiana taxpayer dollars.


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