Burton’s bill allowing plastic-coated ammunition heads to governor’s desk

Written by emallers on April 12th, 2017

State Rep. Woody Burton’s legislation to allow the use of plastic-coated ammunition by police and military personnel in Indiana could soon become law.

House Enrolled Act 1095 would change the definition of certain bullets to match the current federal law, permitting plastic-coated ammunition to be used at gun ranges. Indiana law currently focuses on a bullet’s outer coating in the definition, but Burton said the federal regulation more accurately addresses the core of the bullet. The legislation would allow for the use of cutting-edge Syntech bullets, a target ammunition consisting of a soft lead core and an outer polymer coating or jacketing.

“Allowing Syntech bullets would provide a number of benefits for groups who engage in high-volume target practice, such as the military and police,” Burton said. “The plastic tip uses less lead than traditional bullets, and this minimizes the amount of smoke and lead residue. It also reduces the amount of lead shrapnel produced, which is safer, cleaner and better for the environment.”

Burton said because the bullets are only intended for use at gun ranges, they would rarely be carried as a means of self-defense. If enacted, the bill will align Indiana with current federal regulations, while still prohibiting armor-piercing ammunition, which poses an unnecessary danger to law enforcement.

House Enrolled Act 1095 has passed the House and Senate and will now proceed to the governor for consideration. Visit iga.in.gov to learn more about this legislation.




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