Hoosiers begin to see road improvements

Written by emallers on August 18th, 2017

This past legislative session, the General Assembly worked hard to create and implement a long-term, data-driven road plan that provides much needed funding to fix and maintain our transportation infrastructure over the next 20 years. As the Crossroads of America, our economy is impacted by the condition of our roads and bridges, so it was important that we invested wisely without incurring new debt that would place a financial burden on future generations.

As a result of this comprehensive road funding package, our community will receive nearly $177 million for infrastructure projects over the next five years under the ‘Next Level Roads’ initiative. These state projects in our area will include resurfacing 115 lane miles and replacing or rehabilitating 10 bridges. These new projects will increase safety, prevent everyday wear and tear on our vehicles, and serve as a boon for our economy.

This funding does not include the Community Crossings Matching Grants, which have yet to be distributed to local governments. Last year, Johnson County and cities and towns in our area received grants that helped jumpstart and complete many local projects. I look forward to seeing the various infrastructure improvement projects occurring throughout our community as well as the state in the coming years.

Recently, you may have experienced some road construction on U.S. Highway 31 and State Road 135 in Johnson County. Right now, it seems like a terrible inconvenience, but once these projects are complete, I believe it will be well worth it.

While these projects are taking place, please remember to exercise caution when driving through work zones. Since 2014, at least 12 people have been killed every year by crashes within INDOT work zones. To help keep Hoosiers safe, remember these safe driving tips: be prepared for unexpected changes in lanes and speed limits; don’t text or talk on the phone; maintain a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you; and expect delays. When making your travel plans, you can find real-time traffic conditions on INDOT’s website at www.in.gov/indot.

As your state representative, I strive to ensure that you and your family are informed on the important issues that are discussed and voted on at the Statehouse. I know many people had concerns initially about where the money for our 20-year infrastructure funding plan would come from and how it would be used, and some still do. I completely understand that. In fact, I had initial concerns too. Raising user fees is not something anyone likes to do; however, the data shows that we needed to take quick action to ensure our roads and bridges will be maintained for generations to come. I’ve had many conversations with people from our community, and after sharing all the facts, most people agreed that our plan was necessary and the best possible solution: The more you use the roads, the more you will contribute directly to their upkeep. This is only fair. I hope as you see more and more work being done to improve our roadways, you can see these user fees as worthwhile investments in our state.

If you have any questions or concerns about road funding or any issues facing our state, please contact me at 317-232-9648 or h58@iga.in.gov. I also encourage you to sign up for my e-newsletters to receive regular updates at www.in.gov/h58.



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